Union J at their photoshoot today

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life-is-a-love-story said to me:
what's wrong with blurred lines tho?


what’s right?

  • See, at it’s base, the song Blurred Lines is essentially, about rape, the “blurred lines” being the line between “No, I don’t want to have sex with you” and “Yes, I want to have sex with you.” The blurred lines means oh you don’t mean to say no, you mean to say yes.
  • Thicke has openly stated that he “loves to degrade women
  • "OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you
    But you’re an animal, baby, it’s in your nature
    Just let me liberate you”
  • here he’s referring to a woman as a wild animal, therefore dehumanizing her. Oh and that she should let him “free” her.
  • Because nearly every goddamn lyric is something rapists have repeatedly used on their victims
  • In this shot we see the girl full frontal with her breasts exposed, totally bare and vulnerable and nude, whereas he is in a full suit, an outfit most commonly associated with power. He’s in charge here.
  • image
  • imagejust this
  • imagenot once in the whole fucking video do the models look like they’re enjoying themselves. They have a dead eyed look and are constantly posing. Tyra’d give them the bottom two for that.
  • So hit me up when you passing through
    I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two
  • I had actually never stomached the entire song until writing this and watched it through for the first time and literally gagged.
  • imageThis. He follows the women around during the video. If a guy followed you on the street or in a club, what would you think? A person’s first response would be to leg it out of there or search for the nearest possible weapon.
  • Plus Robin Thicke is a fuckin creep. Seriously, he’s is like that guy on the bus who always wears parkas even in summer and keeps asking what you had for breakfast.
  • Also Pharrell and TI how dare you trick this poor deluded white guy into thinking he’s cool/hip.
  • Also fuck off with the hashtags we get it, it’s a 36 year old dude trying to be modern

This isn’t as clever or concise as most wonderful metas on that fucking video. But they’re out there.

Meanwhile, watch Mod Carousel’s version, I guarantee it’s a million miles better.

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i just thought this needed to be pointed out to the tumblr community.

these are all photoshopped by enrico francis

it needs to stop.

Dear Enrico Francis Photoshop extrordinare,


1. youre not very good at it. the manipulations you make are so fucking freakish that all i have to do is glance at your photos and know that its not real.

2. the natural beauty of these women is so profound that the fact that you feel the need to photoshop them is fucking INSANE. 

3. we do not need another fucking shit putting these unrealistic expectations of women (and men, cause you shop them too) into the world. its not right. you know its not, i know its not and tumblr knows. 

So Enrico, I beg you please give it a rest. be a good fucking human being and stop. learn to be a true artist and enhance the beauty youre working with as opposed to completely warping it.

and if you dont i will continue to publish your shitty photoshop all over this fucking website.

This is disgusting.

FOR ONCE SOMEONE INCLUDED WOMEN OF COLOR.Thank God. Its good for people to see how this is done to women in the industry. sickening, but true.

Anyone else notice with the women of color, they narrowed their noses? And that none of the white women’s noses were altered? 

(Yes I am annoyed at the other things they narrowed but.) 

Remember folks, when studios edit for beauty standards, they’re editing for WHITE, EURO STANDARDS. 

They fucking gave those beautiful women of color a white woman’s nose. 

Remember that. 

I was LITERALLY going to say the same thing

That nose bullshit is for the birds

They look SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER with rounded off noses, fuck that pointy shit god damnit 

they photoshopped women in the BACKGROUND

This shit actually just brought me back down to earth because wow that Selena Gomez one is fucking bonkers. He photoshopped the woman in the background. He photoshopped a literally faceless nobody because they want this ingrained in your head- that impossible thinness, that perfectly sculpted arms and abs are the norm, what is expected, just the minimum prerequisites of being a woman in society. They want to let you know that even if you aren’t the star of the show, all eyes are on you, and they’ll eat you alive if you aren’t as skinny and pretty as the cash cows. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t being paid to let people watch you on screen: they’re still watching you from behind the scenes and you’re done for if your arms jiggle. God save you if your armpits are fat.

These were really really important on my journey to loving myself. I used to look through magazines and see these women who were seeming unattainably beautiful. To see the before and after a showed me the reality of it. I don’t look at magazines anymore, they just make me feel awful. These women are so beautiful, and to manipulate their bodies like this is shameful.

no but why would you do that to kim kardashian she looks sick with that waist eughhh

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